Amrita Rana, a Code Alliance volunteer says,

“Volunteering at Benetech was a very impactful and rewarding experience for me. I volunteered with Benetech for Summer 2016. I worked on the POET Image Description Tool which is an open-source, web-based tool for creating and providing guidelines to writing image descriptions. It is the easiest and fastest way to provide information about an image to a reader who cannot access it visually.

The project scope involved rebuilding a tool using Ruby on Rails and latest technology stack. I got the chance to network with Benetech employees and work closely on the project with the Community Manager, Product Manager and a Volunteer (working remotely from Colorado).

My manager Deep Datta gave me an exciting opportunity to attend GoogleServe 2016. I participated in a hackathon on Google’s campus and worked on the ‘Go Read localization’ project. Go Read is a free, open source ebook reader for Android and is optimized for visually-impaired readers and usable by anyone. The app connects directly to online libraries, like Bookshare, and allows to download and listen to eBooks in seconds.

I also attended the user experience session by Chelsea Cook. She provided great insight about how the users are able to benefit from 3D printed mathematical shapes.

This volunteering experience helped me learn the importance of developing technology for social good which impacts areas such as Human Rights and Global Literacy. I was able to learn and diversify my technical skills. This organization provides a great working environment. The commitment of the team working here for the betterment of the community is remarkable.

I want to thank the Benetech team for providing me such a great opportunity and connecting me to wonderful people. I would highly recommend Benetech as a great place to work for technology enthusiasts who want to contribute towards the betterment of the community. I would love to volunteer again for Benetech in future! ” Technology Serving Humanity

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