The All Girls Challenge builds with Code Alliance

Flying Bridges would not be where it is today without Code Alliance. YES, of course the majority of our business would be thriving, and we would continue to develop and grow – but we would have been unable to seize the market opportunity that we ourselves created! To meet demand we needed to translate our Talent Touchpoint physical platforms into meaningful, scalable, user friendly, digital platforms.

Without Code Alliance the idea would be just that, an idea, waiting for allocation of funding and time to advance what women and girls were asking us for and economies of scale demanded.

Code Alliance is singularly responsible for where this project is now – introduction of our tech product at an event hosted by Google to be followed by beta testing and 1st round of funding; interested funders include Intel and General Electric.

Code Alliance delivers – it’s the real deal. The developers and designers provided come prepared, committed, and passionate. The level of work these volunteers have provided is exemplary. The key differentiator that Deep has recognized, we have experienced, and developers and designers seek, is that a measurable but sufficient time period must be given in order to get something done and the project must be taken seriously – by both parties.

If, we at Flying Bridges sound a bit over the top in our admiration and appreciation, it’s well deserved. Our mission is to work alongside global leaders to identify macro-level issues in order to develop tools and bridged systems that solve these problems locally; Code Alliance is such a system and tool, advancing socio-economic progress and development locally, regionally, and globally! Deep and Benetech – thanks for making the world better!

– Kim Adams Technology Serving Humanity

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