Green Impact Campaign Knows Technology

In early 2016, I put out an open call to a few different Technology 4 Good forums asking for non-profits who had technical projects that could be completed during an 8 hour Day of Service for the CHI4GOOD conference in San Jose, California. One of the really interesting nonprofits that ended up submitting a project was Green Impact Campaign. GIC is a 501c3 that fights climate change by training student volunteers to complete free energy assessments for small businesses around the United States. These “energy audits” provide the small businesses information to help them save on energy costs, and helps get students interested in real-world solutions to fighting climate change.

When you look at the Green Impact Campaign’s website, you can tell right away that they have a high sense of design, and they really get digital storytelling. Through conversations with Daniel Hill, the President of GIC, I’ve come to understand that their mission goes well beyond connecting volunteers to small businesses – they’re hoping to help transform industries. One industry that they are indirectly transforming is the nonprofit world – as they begin to developer more technical tools to reach out to their constituents, GIC is helping pave the way for green energy advocates to build a larger and younger network of advocates. It does without saying that young people are more digitally connected than ever – GIC gets this, and are working on solutions to help their organization reach these users.

This is where Code Alliance stepped in. In July of 2016, we connected GIC up to some engineers at Optimizely for a Day of Service to help build out a process that could automatically generate pins on a Google map to show which businesses have signed up for free energy assessments. Daniel Hill states, “Currently, we were facing the challenge of showing the impact that our program has made on helping small businesses save energy through free volunteer administered energy assessments. We were looking to provide our community and visitors with a map on our website to show where the businesses are located. Through the Volunteer Hack with Code Alliance and Optimizely, we worked together with a team of brilliant, creative developers to try and find the best solution to tackle this task. This kind of event is the perfect example of how technology can bring people together of different backgrounds to tackle complex social issues.” – Daniel Hill Technology Serving Humanity

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