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We shape the experience around your team. Here are some of the event types we’ve organized:

1 Day Code Sprint

1 Day Events are meant to give volunteers a taste of what a Code Alliance social impact project may look like. They primarily come to the event day having done some background research about the app, and spend the majority of the day applying small code fixes, and helping map out future features and roadmaps for a mature project. At the end of the day, they should walk away knowing that their coding help will continue to help the nonprofit deploy the technology back into the community.

Weekend Hackathon

The classic Hackathon model gives developers enough freedom to do some experimentation and ideation around a social impact project, while still being cognizant of their volunteer time commitment. Hackathons can be organized around early or mature projects. The early projects need project managers, UI design-thinkers, web architects, and business development experts, while mature products may need people more experienced at actual code, deployment, and engineering. Hackathons can be more loosely organized, and even created as competitions between teams. There should be a clear path to deployment at the end of the Hackathon weekend.

4 – 6 Week Meetup

This package is meant to give a group of dedicated developers real engagement with the app and nonprofit. The week-to-week meetup model helps nonprofits get some real well thought out architecture and code. This model allows a group of dedicated developers to iterate and really think through the problems associated with building a complex app. They should feel very proud of having contributed significantly to helping solve a social issue with technology.

Mentoring Opportunities

Every now and then we’ll get organizations that are helping teach people to code or an organization that needs mentors for a Technical Fellowship program. We love matching corporate employees to mentoring opportunities in the field.

Community Hackathons

We have a number of contacts in the tech4good space and can help organize community hackathons with multiple stakeholders. Technology Serving Humanity

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