Corporate Volunteer Services

Through our Corporate Partner Series, we offer an exciting skills-based volunteering channel for a company’s CSR, employee engagement, or pro bono initiatives! With multiple levels of partnership and a myriad of event types, we can provide:

  • Ongoing, virtual tasks for individuals
  • Code sprints for company volunteer days
  • Custom projects for pro bono teams
  • Highly focused “hackathons” and competitions
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • 4 – 6 week meetup style code events

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We’ve worked closely with corporate employee engagement, community affairs, training and development, and foundation teams to identify a set of meaningful skills-based volunteering and pro bono services.

Example Project

SamaSchool Example Project

Services Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Source up to three skills-based volunteer projects + + +
One full-day volunteer event involving sourced projects + + +
Company landing page on Code Alliance website + + +
Source two additional skills-based volunteer projects   + +
One additional event from Event Packages collection   + +
Multiple annual events     +
Tech talks and special events (conference, etc…)     +
Custom volunteer engagements design     +
High-tech volunteer consultation and setup     +

*The number of volunteers that can be supported by each project will vary Technology Serving Humanity

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