Tech4Good: A Hackathon That Inspires a Startup To Make an Impact


Technology is supposed to save the world right? At the very least, technology allows individuals to reach people in the world that you could never have imagined reaching before. It also gives individuals the power of the network, and the communication and analytical tools that allow people to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. Web technology in particularly, is powerful in that it allows an individual almost limitless access to information and economies of scale. In fact, many web startups have sprung up in the last few years because they give young people an astounding ability to build their own enterprises. But there is another movement happening in the web technology community that is just as astounding, but less infamous. Web developers are becoming interested in solving social issues.

For example, in 2013 a local group in the Bay Area known as the Highground Hackers threw a “Hackathon for Mental Illness”. Prominent speakers included SV Angel Investor Ron Conway, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, and engineers from companies like Twilio, Accenture, and Rackspace. Engineers and designers spent the whole weekend experimenting with ideas that could contribute to solving issues around mental illness, and one of the prominent apps that came out of the Hackathon is called “Concrn” – an app that uses mobile technology to call a “Civilian Responder” in emergencies where a police presence may not be the most appropriate response. Now in late 2015, Concrn is still moving forward, and has even secured interest from investors. Concrn is just one social enterprise that uses web and mobile technology to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable communities.

Find out more at: Technology Serving Humanity

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